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magic dog cooling vest

Item No.: LG001
magic dog cooling vest
gray,shark print
print pattern appears when wet,disappears when dry
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Functional cooling vest to keep the dog from overheating on hot summer days.
Two-layer design, extends the time of keeping cool for several hours outside on summer days. Lightweight breathable shell is lined with a super absorbent cooling material that when moist cools by evaporation.
High-tech shell material serves as an indicator of wet/dry by the print pattern appear/disappear . Pet owners will instantly know when the vest needs to get wet again.
The lining innovative FeelCool® cooling material is constructed with “hollow fiber cores” that soak up moisture quickly, transport it easily through the fabric and allow evaporation to keep your dog’s temperature down to a comfortable degree.  Besides, it’s not soggy but stays lightweight even when wet, allowing your dog to comfortably continue their summer activities.
The principle of cooling effect is just the regulated evaporation, no chemicals or refrigeration are required. Simply wet the vest with normal water or even hot water, no need of refrigerator, wring out the excess water and shake/swing to start cooling.
  1. Convenient design, quick and easy on/off. Simply lay the cooling vest on your dog’s back and fasten the straps with adjustable press-studs. No head or leg holes to struggle with and no danger of collecting dog’s fur.
  2. Adjustable design: double press-studs at neck and belly, ensure easy fit.
  3. Smart design: magic surface as an indicator of wet/dry: the print pattern will only show up when get wetted, and disappear when get dry.
  4. Comfortable: lightweight and instant cooling effect.
  5. Eco-friendly cooling fabric: automatically cools down when wet, no refrigeration or chemicals are required. 100% machine washable and safe for you dog.
  6. Fine cooper press studs: anti-rust



Port of shipment: Dalian, China
Payment: T/T,Western union